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So I vowed to do a giveaway when I got to 100 followers! I’m at 88 now, so I figure this will end around when I reach 100!

This is my first and a very basic giveaway, so it’s not going to look too fancy right now. I hope it’s okay enough!

PRIZE - the winner will receive a colored headshot/bust (if there are a lot more entries than I anticipated, the prize will go up accordingly)


o. you can like this, and reblog it. You can reblog up to three times and each will count! - any more will get you disqualified, don’t annoy your followers!
o. you don’t need to be following me, but there will be a surprise extra if you are!
o. please leave your ask box/submit/whatever open so I can contact you! if you don’t reply in 48 hours, I’ll do a re-draw.
o. I will draw anything whether you want your sexy man OC or horse-face Jean or a cute little lolita
o. don’t worry, be happy


Um thank you very much for your continued support!

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Alice in Ul’Dah



So FFXIV happened. :|

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This is Chloe, the goddamn President.

And if you abduct her cabinet, she will rip your fucking head off.

Taking a break from tera because fucking Saints Row: IV.


Played with the character creator earlier today, when I was trying to purchase the game, but couldn’t cause of the influx of purchases. Gonna pick up a physical copy on Saturday instead then. XD

since this is technically my gaming blog~

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Kat’s 37 now. I don’t even play her that much. I think my total hours is only like 8 or something.

The only thing awful about being on a server where you don’t know many people/have any higher levels… I can’t farm for gear for her or give her monies. ;~;


The Overlook Motel | The Savage Coast

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Ninety-nine filthy undead on a wall, ninety-nine filthy undead…

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Wasn’t entirely happy with my character before, so here’s a re-do.

Anise, an Illuminati. Why not?

Nickname: em-urgency
Server: Cerberus 


In which Julie saves me from the terrible jumpsuit with this super awesome fantastic swimsuit.  ♥.

I must stalk you one day so we can have a little beach party and take pictures and stuff. 8D

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dsfjhsd I didn’t feel like posting this on my simblr because I’m weird about posting so many non-sims posts in a row… SO JUST GONNA DO IT HERE ‘cause I feel like I have more freedom.

Just wanted to keep track of my 30 day self-portrait challenge thing. Two days so far!

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